Path To Modernisation


   'Path To Modernisation' is a documentary project which I did in 2017, my intension for this project is to document the recent progress of the 'Demolition Program' in China. The demolition program is a government controlled program started in 2013. The purpose of this program is to make the city look and feels more modern and clean, and achieves by removing all buildings which are too old to continue serving. The entire program has been going for 4 years and is still going......

   This entire series of photograph was taken on a day with outside temperature was around 38 degree, it is really hot. At a such hot weather, the program is still going. While I was shooting, their were lots of people gathering around those workers, some of them are the original shop keepers, some are people lives near by, and even some people who used to have their work lunch at the place. 

When you are there, all you can hear is the noise from those machines, you almost forget there are still people around, they all just stands ther quietly, not a comment, or chat about it, everythign they were doing were just standing there and watch it for their own.


This old lady standing behind those metal bars, which were originally a shop but now got taken down, she is one of the old owners of the shops, in fact, the place she live in is just behind the shop, and her house is connected to the shop, of course her family built the shop on their own without telling related departments, which is why it got taken down. When they were deconstructing the buildings, she was standing there, looking at the worker. To be honest, I can't really tell her feelings through her face, she looks at smiling, but there are times when she looks around a sigh.

You can see in this photograph how their house is connected to their old shops. Now their shop is down and the only part left is their house. While I was shooting there, I heard some yelling and shouting going on, then through the sound, I saw this old lady talking loudly to who looks like her son, half naked, and asking him to clean up as soon as possible, and get everything sorting out before the next day. 

Workers on site deconstructing shops and restaurants.

At one of the old restaurant, the boy is helping his farther taking down their branding. In this photograph you can see how dirty the restaurant was, it really wasn't a ideal place to have your lunch.

Worker trying to break down walls for shipping to the recycle place.

A family taking down their shops and removing things they gonna use for their new shop at a different location.

Two young boys from nearby shops, walking around and looking at the worker while their parents busying taking down stuff in their shops and restaurants.